Новый альбом - динамичный, тяжелый и вообще кайфовый

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Сообщение Metallicat » 05 июн 2007 00:11

Maverick писал(а):Фрагменты одной из песен могут оказаться в альбоме
надежда возвращается. спасибо за инфу!
outlaw torn

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Сообщение КЭШЛС » 05 июн 2007 00:14

St. Niger писал(а):
HenTyH писал(а):Когда уже выйдет-то альбом!?
Когда Ларс свиснет :)
он не будет этого делать т.к. тогда денег не будет
а надо, чтобы новый альбом имел хорошие продажи)))

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Сообщение Northwind » 05 июн 2007 00:15

Звучит обнадёживающе, будем надеяться на лучшее :)

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Сообщение oip » 05 июн 2007 07:40

Еще немного перевели с греческого...
Q: Last summer we had the "Escape From The Studio" tour, this year the " Sick Of The Studio" tour. Is the studio that bad, that you never miss a chance to escape from it?

A: I wouldn't say so. It's just very pleasant to tour Europe in the summer. It's like, you're fed up with the work and u want to do something to escape routine. We enjoy playing European festivals very much. It's special to us, we have a good time and it's refreshing for our personal relationships.

Q: I know what u mean, since I saw your performance in Donington last year. You were outstanding that night!

A: Thank you very much! We had a really great time that day and it was one of our most important moments, especially when we played "Master Of Puppets" in it's entity.

Q: Personally, I've seen you 3 times live, one with Ozzy and two with Metallica. July 3rd will be your first appearance in Greece. How do u feel?

A: I'm thrilled! I've never been in Greece, like you said. I remember several years ago, I was supposed to come with Suicidal Tendencies as a support for Metallica. Our singer, though, preferred that we go to support Guns 'n Roses in Germany, where it was raining all the time. When the guys from Metallica and the Cult, who supported them, came back were telling us that they had a great time, about the beaches, the women, the crowd....we were totally bumped, because we were in Frankfurt at the time, where it was pouring rain!

Q: Do u know that Suicidal Tendencies will also come to Greece for the first time, in a few days?

A: This is incredible! You'll have a great time. You'll love it!

Q: Metallica are known for non-stop touring. How difficult was it for u to get used to their pace?

A: When I joined the band, few years ago, it was a very intense period. They had just finished their new album and the whole situation was a bit crazy, because I had to learn all the new songs, as well as the older material. Everything was happening so fast, like trying to get on a moving train. If u try to analyze the way Metallica deal with everything, you're in big trouble! They got the most obligations from every other band. More interviews, more photo shoots, more concerts and everything is tense when Metallica are working. I just try to keep up...

Q: You also had a great deal of songs to learn, considering the fact that Metallica re-introduced songs that they didn't play live for many years, or songs like "Dyer's Eve" and "Orion" that were never played in the past. Was it difficult for you?

A: Not at all! On the contrary, it was very exciting. It was just what I wanted! My contact with Metallica was more through their older material. It was me who suggested to the other guys to play songs like "Dyer's Eve", which was never performed live in the past. People thought that we couldn't play these songs, so I told the other guys that we should prove them wrong. This was my idea, I managed somehow to talk James into it, and after a while, to my great pleasure, we played it live! As far as "Orion" is concerned, it has to do with the 20nth anniversary of "Master..", so it was a good opportunity for us to perform it live, since it was never played live! For me it was very special, since the bass lines there are fantastic! Moments like that are always special for us. To play these songs live is something magical for me.

Q: Metallica will appear for just the 3rd time in our country. It's been 8 years since the last show. Since Lars takes care of the setlist, have you managed to "steal" any info for us, so we know what to expect?

A:You know what? I don't have a clue! Lars,though, knows what he does as far as this issue is concerned.. Nobody knows what we'll play until the day of the show. There are different options, and since we haven't been in Greece for long time, everything is possible. Everything is in Lars' mind. I can't give u a specific answer. You'll listen to the songs you'd expect, but as far as the less popular songs...I don't know. Usually Lars checks the set-list of the previous show and updates it. He says " we played this song last time, so let's play that song for this show.

Q: Any chance for Master Of Puppets in it's entity?

A: That's an option and we're thinking about it. The band is split in two. Some of us want to do it again and we try to figure out in which countries to do it, other don't even want to do it. Honestly, it's a 50-50 situation. Probably though, we'll play Master Of Puppets in its entity in few selected countries.

Q: You are currently working on your new album. In which point of the process r u in and when should we expect the new record?

A: As we speak we are on a break. We just finished recording the drum tracks for 14 songs. In few days, we'll start rehearsing for the upcoming tour and in August we'll go back to continue with the recordings. It's difficult to speak of the release date yet.. Originally, we hope it would be out by October,, but that's not going to happen. We were planning on March, this didn't happen either. One thing's for sure. This time next year, you'll have the new Metallica record in your hands.

Q: Can u tell us if the 2 new songs, that you played in the last tour, will be in the record?

A: I don't think so. There are parts from one song that will make it in the album, but that depends on the songs that will actually make it to the album.We can't be sure, unless we sit down and listen to the complete songs, deciding that each one of them is flawless. What I can tell you, though, is that the 2 songs in the way you heard them will not be in the record. Maybe Lars did this on purpose (laughs).

Q: Could you describe the sound of the new record for us? Just before "St. Anger" was released, Lars Ulrich -successfully- described it as "raw, ugly and unpolished". Could you come up with similar definitions for your upcoming record?\

A: I would describe it as dynamic, heavy, groovin' and you will be thrilled to know, that there will be guitar solos this time (laughs). Also Lars remembered to tune his snare drum this time. To me, this album has part of the dynamics and the attitude of "Master Of Puppets", with the melodic style of "Black Album". The general style is groovin', heavy. I'd say it's quite different than St. Anger, in the good sense of the word.

Q: The other members of Metallica suggest that the previous tour for the "Master..." anniversary, is one of your biggest inspirations for the new a;bum, in the sense that it reminded them of the reason they got into music in the first place. Such statements can be easily misinterpreted by your hardcore fans,, making them expecting "Master Of Puppets 2". Can u comment on that?

A: Do you believe that our fans expect a Master pt.2? I don't think so. Maybe some of our fans where excited that we honored their favorite album, when we were recording. The excitement and enthusiasm of doing something different, when touring Europe, where we've been so many times, u know? Playing "Master Of Puppets" in it's entity, from start to end,, not like we played it in the past.
It was funny. We were going over these songs and Lars and Kirk would be: " is this how it's played? I played it differently all these years" and they realized that they didn't play it as good as they thought. It was just a great party.
Regarding our new record, I'd say that it's inspired by everything Metallica did up to 15 years ago, but not only that. All those magical moments that you feel, when u listen parts form "Kill 'em All" and "Master Of Puppets" or even something completely new and powerful that u cannot define. There are several such moments in our new record and imagine that we have just recored the drums, so we don't really know how they'll sound complete.

Q: Rick Rubin doesn't spend a lot of time in the studio with the bands he works with. Is that the case with you?

A: During the drums recording, Rick was every day with us. This is my experience of Rick so far. Maybe he's more dedicated in what Metallica must do. We're very lucky for the opportunity to work with Rick Rubin.

Q: The other members of Metallica say that they are excited with your dedication on your new record and that you stay up late in HQ, working on it. Is this the way you used to work from the previous bands you were in, or do you just want to prove to all the fans of Metallica even yourself, that you are an active member of the band?

A: It's necessary for me, because in every occasion I have to really focus on the music itself. I split the different parts, so I can learn them really good. This has always been my approach, in everything I did. Same thing happens in Metallica. When I'm in HQ , I feel like I'm in a dorm. You know, I'm there and I feel it totally. When I was working on "Master Of Puppets" I was sleeping in HQ, in my effort to get the best sound, so when I'm on stage, it comes out like it's a part of me. So that they become a part of my soul, because if this doesn't happen, something is wrong.....

http://www.metallicabb.com/index.php?sh ... ntry959326

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Сообщение Alexey » 05 июн 2007 09:24

Lars and Kirk would be: " is this how it's played? I played it differently all these years" - улыбнуло.

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Сообщение RAKoff » 05 июн 2007 15:22

Глупый вапрос: а кто интервью даёт? до конца не дочитал, но там помоему не конюхи....
Каждый человек в чем-то лучший...
Сам придумал

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Сообщение Тёмный » 05 июн 2007 15:57

Интересное интервью. Радует, что они поняли, что St.Anger получился, мягко говоря, "специфичным".
З.Ы. Роб ЖЖОТ :) По его словам представляешь себе поклонника группы вроде нас, но никак не самого металликовца :)
...разум там еще не ночевал.

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Сообщение Mariechen » 05 июн 2007 16:26

хорошо, что "ньюсонгов" там не будет. обе абсолютно серые.

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Сообщение ВикторФ » 05 июн 2007 16:35

Я очень рад что не включены New song- особенно New song №2.

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mr. Benedict
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Сообщение mr. Benedict » 05 июн 2007 18:23

Аналогично. Надеюсь, что новые песни - не более чем поделки парней на досуге и что они вообще никуда не войдут.
Атомноъ Ктулхуславныйъ

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Сообщение K.Lenny » 05 июн 2007 20:17

Тёмный писал(а):представляешь себе поклонника группы вроде нас, но никак не самого металликовца
А мож оно так и есть? Можь ими понадобился самый Крабообразный фанат для их новой темы про крабов? может новый альбом будет называться Master of Crabs?
It's better to burn out, than to fade... Kurt Cobain.

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Сообщение RockM@n » 05 июн 2007 21:09

Я понял, что от метлы можно ждать чего угодно. Они когда-то говорили, что по сравнению с новым (на то время) лоадом, чёрный альбом - попсня полная (: Поэтому, не факт что новый альбом будет лучше. Будем надеяться.
Whimps and posers, leave the hall!!!

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Сообщение RockM@n » 05 июн 2007 21:12

Подскажите, плз, где можно послушать/скачать ньюсонги.
Whimps and posers, leave the hall!!!

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Сообщение Mariechen » 05 июн 2007 21:19

RockM@n, на ютубе

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Сообщение Scissor_sisteR » 05 июн 2007 21:28

K.Lenny, St. Crab? The Black Crab's Album? Ride the Crab? Kill all the crabs? ...And Crabs for all? О нет!!!! Неужели CRABS INC.?????
"Your stairway to heaven is just another highway to HELL!!!" ©