Psychotic Waltz

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Сообщение Arsenal » 17 май 2013 22:26

AgentSemit писал(а):идет ли работа над новым альбомом, кто знает?
Psychotic Waltz OFFICIAL
19 апреля
Hey everyone! I know we haven't posted much here lately. Working on new stuff...
I noticed that the Keep It True 16 festival begins today, and I thought it was worth mentioning that Psychotic Waltz is on the DVD compilation from Keep It True 15 last year.
We chose 3 songs from that show to be on the DVD.
They are the last 3 songs on the K.I.T. 15 DVD.
We mixed it ourselves, so we are happy with how it came out, and also we would like to thank Oliver Barth and all of the Camera crew for filming us.
I think you can get the DVD at the K.I.T. 16 show today if you are lucky enought to be there.... check it out!
And...please be patient with us. We are working on some really interesting new music, but I think it will still be a while before we are done with it.
Thanks guys!
Проф. видео, по-моему единственное с реюнион-концертов, остальное - записи на смартфонах.


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Psychotic Waltz

Сообщение Arsenal » 12 дек 2019 22:35

Testament писал(а):
17 май 2013 21:32
Не слежу. Когда выйдет, тогда и выйдет.
Кажысь дождались, только малость постарели все. ))
Первый сингл и предзаказ стартуют завтра, 13 декабря.

Обложка - огонь!

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Psychotic Waltz

Сообщение Metallicat » 28 ноя 2021 21:52

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