Жёны, подруги и дети Метлы.

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Сообщение WooDzy » 25 мар 2009 23:30

Мдя...домик понравился))Но ведь не из дорогих же!на дома они вроде не так уж и тратяться..да и машины у них не ахти))и одеваються не дорого(,отсюда вопос возникает куда деваються все деньги??ведь они тока с одного турне по 10 лимонов на брата рубят)))

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Re: Жёны, подруги и дети Метлы.

Сообщение I.P.V. » 12 июл 2013 11:41

Барабанщик METALLICA обручился с моделью JESSICA MILLER
Согласно Las Vegas Informer, барабанщик METALLICA Lars Ulrich и его невеста, модель Jessica Miller, отметили недавнее обручение восьмого июля среди близких родственников, включая отца невесты и сына Lars'a в N9NE Steakhouse, Palms Casino Resort. Las Vegas, Nevada.

29-летняя Jessica Miller, ранее встречавшаяся с гитаристом SYSTEM OF A DOWN Daron'ом Malakian'ом, является профессиональной моделью и была на обложках Vogue различных стран. Кроме того, она была моделью для Gap, H&M, Chanel и других.

У 49-летнего Ulrich'a двое сыновей, Myles, 14 лет и Layne 12 лет от Skylar Satenstein, и шестилетний мальчик Bryce от Connie Nielsen'ом.

Фотки этой Миллер:
https://www.google.ru/search?q=Jessica+ ... 80&bih=923

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Re: Жёны, подруги и дети Метлы.

Сообщение ronnierotten » 25 июл 2013 00:21

"от Конни Нильсен'ом"?)
METALLICA x12(snakepit x3); GOJIRA x24(meet&greet (&drink&dance) x18)

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Жёны, подруги и дети Метлы.

Сообщение A. » 18 июн 2015 12:41

Хз кооды кинооть, нехай тоот боодет - таварещ инпхоо преслал о радаслогнай Карлега, мош камоо интересна:

On his father's side:

Einar Ulrich – Lars’ grandfather. Created his own commercial agency, which his son Torben also worked at for a while. Played lots of sports, including tennis, and won several championships. Eventually became head of the official tennis-department, secretary in the Danish Tennis Society and member of the Danish Olympic Committee. He married three times. His second marriage was to Ulla, with whom he had two sons: Torben and the seven years younger Jørgen. 

Ulla Ulrich – Lars’ grandmother. Was of Jewish descent, but was not active in the orthodox Jewish tradition. During World War II she and her two children tried to escape from Denmark to Sweden, but they were shot at and captured and brought back to Denmark. They were then held in custody, but were later released because they weren’t “Jewish enough”. They tried to escape again later and this time succeeded. 

Jørgen Ulrich – Lars’ uncle. Torben’s younger brother.

Stein Ulrich – Lars’ cousin, Jørgen’s son. Torben’s godson. Spent a lot of time with Lars in their childhoods. Very, very close to Lars. A person Lars would later describe as “the brother I never had”. 

Torben Ulrich – Lars’ father. Metal Gandalf (Okay, it doesn’t really say that in the book, but it’s true, so who cares :D). Travelled to India for four months in 1959 where he – besides tennis – studied Indian philosophy, yoga and music. He later became known as “the tennishippie” with his long hair, long beard and his.. er.. different lifestyle. Torben gained several national and international tennistitles, but he was forever immortalized when he in the summer of 1966 left the Danish Championship-finale in male singles, where he had won the first set and was leading in the second. The reason: he had to go home and watch the tv-transmission of the World Championship-finale in football (soccer) between England and Westgermany from Wembley. Also, Torben was quite fond of sitting up late at night with Lars listening to music and then writing Lars a note to take to school, a note that basically said (according to Lars): “Lars is first meeting at the fourth hour today, because I thought it was important that he sat up and listened jazzmusic until 2 am, and it was also important that he slept through”. (He kinda reminds me of my own father – I’m not really sure that’s a good thing :lol:)

On his mother’s side:

Svend Sylvester Hvid – Lars’ grandfather. Childhood friend of Einar Ulrich. Had a sister named Kirsten. Worked as a commercial director. Married Gudrun and had two daughters, Lone (born December 11th 1930) and Britta (Lars’ aunt).

Gudrun Sylvester Hvid – Lars’ grandmother. She deserves an award in my opinion – she gave Lars his very first drumkit! She was an actress and worked in theaters. According to Lars they were very close. 

Lone Ulrich – Lars’ mother. Met Torben on a tennis court (where else?). Torben was seventeen, Lone was a little younger. They ran into each other several times after that and eventually became serious. Seven years later they got married. Lone got an education as a photographer.

Bonus stuff: 

Lars was baptised in the beginning of the year 1964 at Blistrup Church. As godfather Torben and Lone had chosen a very good friend of the home, the American saxophonist Dexter Gordon. “I always thought that Dexter could make kind of a strong musical figure in Lars’ life,” Torben has said. At the same occasion Lars also had a godmother by the name of Caia Kjærboe. She was from the acting and theater society and was a very close friend of Lone and her parents. 
Pfizrael - the land of vaccine 8)

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Жёны, подруги и дети Метлы.

Сообщение Arsenal » 20 июн 2015 09:32

Думаю, Ларсу надо послушать новые песни, а потом послушать совет папы :) :


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Жёны, подруги и дети Метлы.

Сообщение A. » 20 июн 2015 15:54

Папа кстате кроме дроне шо-та ееграйэт? Не магоо ни аднаво видева найтее с чилавечискай моозыкай.
Pfizrael - the land of vaccine 8)

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Жёны, подруги и дети Метлы.

Сообщение anna_budova » 13 дек 2016 21:06